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Fred Thieler

"Untitled", 1993

Synthetic resin dispersion on canvas

42.13 x 29.92 in / framed 44.88 x 37.01 in

Signed and dated bottom left "F. Thieler 93"

- with handmade craftsman's frame -


Über das Werk

This lucid and radiant coloured painting was created three years prior to Thieler's death. Born in 1916, the artist became an active member of the German Informell movement in early 1950s, together with K. O. Götz, Bernard Schultze and Gerhard Hoehme. Today, he is regarded as one of the principal exponents of German Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting due to his processual and dynamic method of painting, which is clearly apparent in this present work. Towards the end of the 1950s, Thieler began experimenting with colour; applying his pastose palette-knife, his collage and decollage techniques, in addition to shaking, mixing or wiping, or lifting and folding the canvas on the floor to formulate his expressive visual language. In this painting, his preferred colours of red and blue, black and white were evidently poured and dripped over and around each other, allowing them to intermingle, interact, coalesce and thus generate their own dynamic tension. Thieler's works are created in equal measure through the artist's own physical exertions and by the action of the colours, and the interplay of coincidence and intention. The outcome is a painting in which the colours develop freely and emanate a vital vibrant energy.
(Eva Müller-Remmert)

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